Donna and Barry Sherer
11356 Suemartom Court.
Marilla, NY 14102
Phone: 716-893-8111

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   Heating and cooling services for the Buffalo area

  • Any furnace purchased from Donna and Barry Sherer comes complete with all necessary ductwork reconnections.
  • All reconnections to the gas line would be complete with a gas cock and drip tee in the gas line.
  • All electrical circuits for the heating unit would be complete with a disconnect switch within 10 feet of the appliance and the wire drop from the ceiling would be enclosed in conduit pipe or BX metal protected wire.
  • 5 years parts and labor: no charge weekdays between the hours of 8 and 5
  • Nights and weekendend service available
These will protect and extend the life of the air conditioner and furnace.

Option package: This comes completely installed and if chosen will extend your labor warranty on the air conditioner from 1 to 5 years, this means if there is a cooling problem in the next FIVE years we will repair it and drive out the driveway at no charge. The only catch is that we do require that the unit is serviced and cleaned at least every 2 years.

The option package includes:
  • A five minute delay timer. (To protect from power failures and mishandling.)
  • A low Ambient temperature controller. (To prevent the unit from coming on when outside temperatures are too cold and could damage the compressor.)
  • One vial of ultra violet dye refrigerant leak scanner solution. This will considerably save on labor if there is ever a loss of refrigerant in the system. The dye lasts in the system for the life of the air conditioner.
  • A concrete foundation for the outside unit. This is the most solid way to set the unit. This is NOT a patio block or concrete brick that is set under the unit that could settle 2 to 3 inches, allowing the unit to run at an angle, thus damaging the compressor. This is a poured slab, mixed by us at the job.
Donna and Barry Sherer:
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